Thoughts on Recent Events?

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Thoughts on Recent Events? Empty Thoughts on Recent Events?

Post by 346 on Sun Sep 18, 2016 9:29 pm

Anything is allowed here it doesnt have to apply to rules as I know some may want to get their feelings out. SO ever since shadows or sasukes demotions, or chrose, rayriflepie, wasted time being the multiple people leaving or The dick pic Cerb put in Rays mouth. Even the fights between M3x and Chrose or M3x and Sasuke. Any thoughts let me know im all ears. Dont have to be registered to post. MY thoughts are pretty clear but I'll restate them.

Wasted is probably not coming back but Id sure more than welcome him back if he does show up.
Chrose not sure why he left, hes a very old pal and left so soon, and I'm still trying to get him back.
Rayriflepie left during the calm times so if he hasn't moved on thats just him. Must've really hurt him, so cheer him up yall!
Shadows demotion was intolerable as he started to act like an ass and im not sure why. Anyone can fix him please do?
Sasukes demotion, Sasuke raged before but I tolerated it, but ever since Wasted's leave he seemed to have changed and got pissed of anything related to the topic of WT's leave or cerbs dick pic. Best not to bother him for now.
Cerb was being an asshole to put a dick in a kids pic who has CP. Just sad but I was told by two people it was in pm and Cerb said he didnt know ray had CP sooo... Im not sure what to believe with all that pressure.
Not much of a fight but im not sure what chrose has against m3x hope we can make mends though and make everyone happy and come back.
M3x and Sasuke need to take a chill pill if there going to want trusted aka underboss. We need to stop these rages because we are mods we are supposed to handle the rages not make them.

Sorry to all feelings hurt and a pm will be sent to all those involved. I can't say anything will change based off my thoughts but you can comment below and feel free to let your feelings out on me. A poll will be put up if you think my decisions were wrong and you can reply below how you feel or why u said what in the poll.

Thanks for the feedback guys and I hope things will change in the future. But good luck to all involved and I hope we can move on from all this chaos, that seemed to happen in less than a week.

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