PooDiePie (AKA Ned) Should be Mod.

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PooDiePie (AKA Ned) Should be Mod.

Post by PooDiePie on Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:22 pm

Why: He will be active everyday, execpt for holidays and tuesday evenings. He also will provide activities in the chat #spam, give 1 warning to people misbehaving, and will monitor not only the chat, but private messages too. He will also instant ban if someone is bullying, or sending mean pms about mean things.


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Re: PooDiePie (AKA Ned) Should be Mod.

Post by 346 on Sun Sep 18, 2016 2:29 pm

K didnt use the template prob didnt read it either and everything was just wrong about this post so topic deleted.

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