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Rules of Chat Empty Rules of Chat

Post by 346 on Fri Aug 19, 2016 5:14 pm

The rules of the chat are very simple and if you stick to their guidelines we will have a fun (safe/mafia) environment! You will receive a verbal warning unless your actions are intolerable and you need to be kick/ban.



1.No spamming! (Unless there is a spam chat!)

2.No Disrespect. (Friendship!)

3. Bullying is an Instant Ban!

4. No Abusing Bots!


5. No advertising to a certain extent, (the ones we dont allow are blocked by bots.)

6. Porn pics are allowed but only once or twice every two days. Do not make it a porno chat.

7. Do not abuse the @everyone

8. If your message consists of spam use it in the spam chat. (Bot Commands, Spam, Etc.)

For Moderators

1. Be active on forum and chat

2. Make sure everyone follows the 4 main rules.

3. Do not abuse bots or permissions!!!

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