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Post by 346 on Mon Sep 05, 2016 6:55 pm

Ill be the host Julie if you've never played this game read down below otherwise skip to the name and apply section.

Big Brother has a game of competitions. The comps include HOH (Head of Household = the person who is in control mostly) Veto ( Person who can veto a nominee) and twist comps that will be explained later. You basically have to survive all evictions which is each week the head of household nominates two people to be evicted and people vote you out. You have to survive it to be the winner.

Twists are things in the game that can have a huge impact game wise and etc.

Its good to form alliances in this game to keep you safe and etc. You can do that in discord pm.

Everything will be done on a daily schedule.
Sunday: Head of Household
Wednesday: Veto
Thursday: Eviction
Other days can be nominee days or twists and etc. I'll let you know ahead of time but be active. Everything is based on my Eastern Time schedule but I'll try to fit it for all!

Any questions lets me know i'll try to answer them all. If we can get at least 8 people then we can start the game! Have fun good luck house guests and in this game refer to me as Julie not 346. Apply below * means its mandatory.

Anything else?:

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