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Post by 346 on Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:18 pm

Welcome to Camp346 everyone. Hope we make this forum active and increase it with many members as possible. Anyway I have thought of some rules that should apply to you all if your going to use and stay on the forum.

 Ehm, Here are the rules; study
Rule#1 DO NOT spam or flood as the can be a huge controversy!
Rule#2 Don't start a riot on the posts, be respectful to everyone.
Rule#3 Freeposting is only allowed in the offtopic section. Otherwise don't do it.
Rule#4 Dont abuse font sizes to make your whole post super big or really tiny.
Rule#5 Post in the forum appropriate category.
Rule#6 Please don't have large signatures.
Rule#7 Be respectful on here, chat rules still apply!

Thank you and lets have a respectful environment here.

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